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Application for Boards and Committees

  1. City of Dalhart

    Application for

    Appointment to City Boards, Commission and Committees

  2. Name of Board, Commission, or commission which you are applying for:

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  5. Residence

    How long have you lived in Dalhart?

  6. Question 1

    Why do you want to serve on a board, commission or committee?

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    Describe your interest and qualifications for the position you desire:

  8. Question 3

    Do you currently serve on a Dalhart board, commission or committee?

  9. Question 4

    Have you ever served on a Dalhart Board, Commission or committee?

  10. If yes to either Question 3 or 4

    Which board, commission or committee did you serve and for how long?

  11. Question 5

    Is there any experience you would like to share?  

  12. Documents

    If you like to submit a resume or any information please do so.

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  14. I read and understand the instructions and appointment process.  I understand the appointments are solely at the discretion of the city council and that this application is not the only basis for candidate selection.

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