Request a Permit

  • By Phone: Please call the permit clerk at 806-244-5511, ext. 3213 to request a permit.
  • By Email: Please email the permit clerk. You should get a reply within 24 hours, usually within 3 hours during the workday.

Notice - Licensing

Only licensed plumbers and electricians can do work on a property that is not your homestead. It is illegal for anyone without an electrician's or plumber's license to do electrical work or plumbing on a property that is not their homestead.


Contractors must be registered with the city of Dalhart. Please email the clerk if you wish to register your company.                                            Cost - $100 per year

Application Form

Documents or Applications

  1. Permit Fees
  2. Roofs
  3. Carports
  4. Manufactured Homes
  5. Remodel

Building Permits

  • New Residential - Cost is $ .15 Square Foot (100. 00 minimum)
  • New Commercial - Cost is $ .20 Square Foot (200.00 minimum)

Plans must be submitted to the Inspector either in person at City Hall or via email. Plans must be compliant with the 2015 International Building Codes.

Visit the International Code Council Building Code page to learn more.


Cost of inspections are as follows:

  • New Residential: $30 plus $1 per opening (First 10 are free)
  • New Commercial: $50 plus $1 per opening (cap 250 openings)
  • Payment for inspections is due at the time a permit is issued.


  • New Residential: $60 plus $2 per fixture
  • New Commercial: $80 plus $2 per fixture;
    •  Over 10 fixtures $150
  • Plumbing permit: $30 (includes gas line, sewer line, water line replacement and pools)
  • Sewer tap: $65
  • Sprinkler: $50
  • Dig fee: $50 dirt, asphalt and concrete $100 minimum plus $3 a square foot


  • HVAC - $35 + $10 for each additional unit

Roof Permits

  • Residential Cost is $30, 
  • Commercial Cost is $50. 

 At this time shingles cannot be taken to the Dalhart Landfill. Amarillo's landfill is accepting them. Please see Roofs tab for regulations regarding roofing.

Carport Permits

Cost is $40. See Carports tab for regulations regarding carports.

Fence Permits

Cost is $25. See Fences tab for regulations regarding fences.